Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is getting better!!

In so many ways, I am back.  The move that I was waiting for happened in April.  It was wonderful to be in the same house with my husband.  I could walk around pantless if I wanted to again (and I did)!  Delainey got to see her daddy every day.  I was thrilled to have my family under one roof again.  I have gained so much respect for people who have to live apart from their partners.  I didn't like it at all!

But....I have really struggled personally with this move.  I missed my family, friends, church, job.  I missed the stores, the malls, the parks, the noise.  I missed my short drive to work (15 minutes, including dropping Delainey off at day care).  I missed everything about home. 

I burrowed into our home.  I rarely left the house without Jim or Delainey.  I made Jim go the grocery store with me.  At my new job, I stayed in my office all the time and rarely talked with people.  I traveled home as much as possible.  I gained weight, got more grey hair, and cried.  I prayed a lot and asked others to pray for me.  I considered medication, but that would mean I would have to have a local doctor.  I went through the motions of life, but I wasn't enjoying much. 

Gradually, it started to get better.  We discovered our local library.  It is small, but it has books for us all.  It also has books on cd for Jim and movies for family movie night.  I ventured to the parks with Delainey.  We are close to a great state park.  I started to chat with my co-workers.  I started cooking for my family.  We started looking for a church home in our new community. 

It still isn't perfect, but it is getting better.  I still miss everything about Indianapolis, but I like coming home when we go visit.  I enjoy seeing the stars when I get up to leave for work each morning.  I won't ever like my drive to work (an hour each way), but I like my job and I like that I only work four days a week.  I like our local farmers market.  I don't cry every day and I am working on losing the weight that I have gained. 

I am enjoying life again!