Wednesday, January 2, 2013


     I started picking a word for my year two years ago.

     In 2011, I was not in a good place in many ways.  I choose "better" for my word.  I focused on taking baby steps to making my like better and it did get better.  I adjusted to our move, although it took me a long time for that.  I like to think that I became a better wife and mother.  I was able to transfer to a new job that continues to make my life better.

     Last year, my word was "healthy".  It doesn't seem like a good word for 2012 when I factor in the fact that Jim was diagnosed with cancer, but the fact that it was caught early is due to the fact that we found a family doctor that we trust.  We all saw doctors last year when things started to get bad rather than waiting until things were out of control.  We found a church to help with our spiritual health.   Again, we took baby steps to our heath last year, so it was a good word for me, just not in the way that I planned.

     This year, my word is "stronger".  I had another word planned for the year, but stronger ties all aspects of my life together, including the other word.

     Stronger in my faith.

     Stronger in my family.

     Stronger in my body.

     Stronger in my mind.

     Stronger in my talents.

     Stronger in my finances.

     Stronger in my relationships.

     Stronger in ways that I can't even imagine yet!