Thursday, May 25, 2017

Closing a Chapter

     Today marked a milestone in the life of Delainey.  Delainey's last day of elementary school was today.  I didn't cry like others did...maybe next year on the first day of school I will, but for now, I am just proud of her accomplishments over the last six years.  I am truly amazed at how fast the years have flown by.  It really does seem like just yesterday she was in pig tails in her pink shirt getting ready to head off to kindergarten. Now she won't let us pick out her clothes, but she still likes us to walk her to her classroom.  She is a mix of the little girl that she has always been and teen that she is becoming.

     When I look back at the last six years, I am amazed how many teachers and support staff showed so much love to my girl.  Her teachers truly love her...they have been there for her from day one.  All of her teachers have given so much to her.  When D had a bad day at school, I know that someone at school would check on her.  It was always fun to take Delainey to school and watch her go visit her previous teachers.  They all had a hug and a kind word for her.  There were times that I would get a random message from someone at school telling me how Delainey's day was going.  I am going to miss that so much next year!

     Delainey has had so many great things happen.  Her love of music has really blossomed.  She was in hand chime choir in second grade, choir in fifth grade.  I have watched in amazement as she had boldly and bravely stood in front of a large group of people to sing a solo at a concert.  She has developed a love of reading.  She has been encouraged to read by so many at her school.  Delainey spent time in running club...she wasn't a fan, but she kept coming back until this year.  Delainey learned the basics of basketball at a basketball club...and she did pretty well for a beginner.  She loves creating art...drawing, painting, pottery.  She attended Bible club before school started.   Her talents were nurtured by her teachers.

     I am not saying that it has always been easy.  There have been friend dramas, homework battles, sickness, and scores of other things.  The good outweighs the bad though.  She has known many of her classmates since that first day of kindergarten.  Hopefully she will continue to grow friendships with those children as well as others.  I hope when she looks back on her first six years of school, she remembers the good things that happened along the way.

     Today, we celebrate the end of the elementary years.  The end of walking Delainey to her classroom.  the end of seeing her previous teachers each day.  The end of knowing exactly where we were going in her school.  The end of so many things that we have taken for granted for the last six years.  Instead of being sad about this like I thought I would be, I am excited.

     I am looking forward to the next chapter that Delainey will be facing in middle school.  Some of the fun things are already happening.  She is signed up for band next year.  She already has a support staff at the school who will be looking out for her.  She is getting to know her way around the school.  She has a good friend who is older than her that I know will be watching out for her.   I know that there will be hard things that will happen, but I also know that there will be amazing things waiting for her!