Monday, August 29, 2016

Change is Coming....

     Everyone who knows me knows that I hate change.  I am pretty sure that I have talked about it more than once on this blog.  I know that I have said it over and over.  But I am getting better at adapting to it.  Maybe it's because I am older and wiser (ha!).  Maybe because I know that it is going to happen whether I like it or not.  Or maybe, just maybe, it's because I know that in the long run, change is good for me.

     For the last five and a half years, Jim has worked ten minutes from home.  He has been in charge of Delainey's morning routine...getting her up in the mornings, taking her to daycare, and being the parent closest to school if there is an emergency.  Starting Tuesday, that will be changing.  Jim has taken on a new challenge with his company.  He is leaving the store that he opened and going to a bigger store about forty minutes from home.  He will be gone from home a little more now due to the longer drive that he has...he is looking forward to being able to "read" books on cd again!  It will be a change for him, but I know that he is up to the challenge.  There will be some adjustments for all of us with his new position, but I know that we will adapt...that's what we do!

     For the last five and a half years, I have worked an hour from home.  I have been in charge of the afternoon routine with Delainey...homework, chores, time to relax.  During times of school cancellations, I have been able to stay home because of the distance that I drive to work.  In the next month or so that will be changing as well.  I have accepted a position in the new store that is being built in our town.  The job will be similar to what I am doing now, but in a bigger store.  I will go back to working five days a week and I am not completely sure what my hours will be, but they will be changing.  I am looking forward to my new drive to work...ten minutes as opposed to an hour each way.  I could actually go home for lunch if I want!

     Delainey is going to be going through some transitions due to the changes that Jim and I are making.  Her mornings will change because Jim and I are pretty different with our morning routines.  We are blessed to have a friend who gets her to school in the mornings and loves our girl.  She will also have to go to an after-school program most days.  We are lucky in that there is a good after-school program in our community.  She is not looking forward to that, but she knows that this will be best for our family in the long run.  Hopefully, she will be able to do her homework then and we can focus on other things when we get home.  Delainey is a strong girl and I know that she will do well!

     The next month has the potential to be the roughest of our transition.  Jim will be in his new position, but I will not.  We will have to juggle his schedule for a while.  He will have to work more closing and midshifts until I am in my new position.  It won't be easy, but I know that we will make it happen.  I am sure that as we go through this time of transition, there will be other changes that we aren't even thinking about right now, but I know that the three of us can handle it.  There might be days that we struggle, but we made these choices as a family, knowing that in the long run, they will benefit and make our family stronger.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Summer that Slipped Away!

     I had such grand plans for our summer.  Delainey and I were going to take a week to visit family and friends.  The week that Delainey went to church camp, Jim and I were going to spend time with each other...a romantic before kids week.  Vacation was going to include white water rafting and horseback riding.  I was hoping to take Delainey kayaking for a day.  Swimming trips were planned now that Delainey is able to swim without stressing out.  And I hoped to go to at least one amusement park during the summer.  It was going to be an epic adventure!

     And then life happened.  Delainey was invited to attend an enrichment summer school program...the same week as our girl trip.  She wanted to go, and who I am to tell my child that she can't go to school when she really wanted to.  She had a great time and I am so glad that she was able to enjoy the week.  Every day she was excited about what she was learning, so it was well worth the time!

     Next up was church camp.  Jim and I dropped her off for her third year of camp.  She was so excited.  This was the year that she would be able to pass her swimming test.  She would see several friends from previous years.  We gave her hugs and kisses as we left, knowing that she would be in great hands.  We never expected to get a phone call that evening from Nurse Cody telling us that D slipped in the shower.  He didn't think it was broken, but thought that we should meet at the ER just to be sure.  He was baby broke her wrist in two places.  She was a trouper though, not much crying though I am sure it had to hurt.  Delainey and I spent the rest of the week at home, adjusting to her new cast and staying on top of the pain that she was feeling.

     Delainey and I did attend a mission camp in July.  We had a great time reaching out to others and learning more about Jesus.  Delainey wasn't able to do everything because of her cast, but again, she was a strong girl and made it through!  Our family vacation was wonderful, even without rafting or riding.  We hiked a bunch, did some touristy things, spent time as a family together and just relaxed!  I even got to hike for a mile or so on the Appalachian Trail.
     We didn't make it to an amusement park, we didn't hike the way we normally do during the summer.  Our outings were fewer than we had hoped.  We spent time as a family, we watched our chickens grow, we spent time just hanging out in our home.  It wasn't the epic summer that I planned...but it was maybe the summer that we needed this year.  It just slipped by much to fast!