Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer fun~Predmore style!

     Delainey and I made our "Summer Fun" list for the next two months that she is not in school.  It is a pretty big list considering that Jim and I both are working and both will have surgeries during this time as well!

     We have already checked off a few things on our list....farmer's Market, play date, and park. We go to the farmer's market most Saturdays, Jim arranges his schedule so that he is able to go with us as well.  Parks and play dates will hopefully happen often.  Delainey wanted to include Kids Commons in Columbus because she loves the giant toilet and Wonder Lab in Bloomington because I have never been there.  I am hoping that we can make a trip to Indianapolis so that we can have sushi (Wild Ginger, if you have never been, check them out), visit Conner Prairie, and maybe even the zoo. 

     We have some big activities planned as well as some quiet ones.  Some are things that Jim and Delainey love to do together (fishing and movies) and others are things that she and I love to do together (crafting and reading).  Camping and hiking are some of our favorite family activities, we are so glad that we live close to a great state park for hiking!  I am pretty sure that we can count making our poster as part of our crafting time.    We are also planning some educational things here and there, but hopefully they will be fun learning times for us all (book reports~no, really I have some fun forms to use, math games, Banana-grams, and some science experiments~anyone ever put a bar of Ivory soap in a microwave?).  I don't want our brains turning into mush!

     I know that more things will happen that aren't on the list and I am looking forward to our fun filled summer!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Sickness and More Sickness?

     If anyone had asked me a year ago if I thought my family was healthy, I would have said yes.  Sure, we had a few illnesses, allergies, but really nothing major.  We had a family doctor, but didn't see him very often--we liked it that way.  And then, life changed....

     In October of last year, Jim was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue.  Really, who gets tongue cancer?   Jim and I both agreed not to look up all the scary stuff online.  I did pretty good with that, most of the time.  We followed the advice of Jim's doctors and Jim worked hard during his radiation treatments.  He fought through the exhaustion, the loss of appetite, the feelings of helplessness.  He fought harder than I have ever seen anyone fight before.  His doctors are amazed at the speed of his recovery.  Every time he sees them, they remark on how strong he is and how well he is doing.  Because his immune system is weak, he has to take care of himself.  He has had strep twice since treatment has stopped.  He also has been dealing with allergies and sinus infections.  He is now looking at surgery for polyps in his nasal passage sometime later this year.

     I stayed healthy during Jim's treatments, tired, but healthy.  I knew that we both couldn't be down at the same time.  But shortly after he went back to work, my body started to rebel.  I was tired, worn out, and ready to let someone else be in charge for a while.  I ended up with the flu.  It was something that I hope not to repeat anytime soon.  Then I ended up with a cough that lasted for over a month.  It took 2 rounds of antibiotics to kick it out of my body.  The cough led to bigger issues for me.  I finally went to see a urologist about my issue that many women deal with every day.  In his words I "have the plumbing of a 67 year old" at the age of 47.  I will be getting the issue fixed in June and I am so looking forward to being about to run, jump, and sneeze without worry!  I have never had allergy issues but I am now taking medication for my allergies.

     Delainey ended up with the flu as well.  I felt horrible for exposing her, but luckily, hers wasn't as severe as mine.  She bounced back quickly.  However, she is her daddy's girl in so many ways, she has developed big issues with allergies.  Southern Indiana is beautiful, but allergy issues are common here.  She is taking the same medication as Jim and I now, just a lesser dosage.  I have asked for a family discount!  And then my baby ended up with Fifth's Disease.  Most kids get this at some point and they barely know that they have it--low grade fever and a rash.  D had a high fever for a few days and a rash that seemed to last forever.  We went to the doctor the day that she told me she wanted to take a nap.    He confirmed Fifth's Disease and said that she could be tired for up to two weeks until the virus worked its way out of her.

     One of my friends remarked that my family seemed to be under a black cloud lately.  I agreed with her at first, but the more I have thought about this, the more I disagree, or I at least see the silver lining in that black cloud.    Yes, we have taken a hit healthwise this past year, but we have learned many lessons through our illnesses.  We have learned to lean on each other fully.  We have learned to ask for help when we need it.  We have learned to accept help gratefully.  We have experienced love without deserving that love.  We have strengthened our faith in God.  We have learned to put things in proper perspective.  We are able to share our experience s with others.  So, while I am ready for this chapter in our life to end, I am grateful for the lessons that we have learned.