Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from Our House!

     Everyone who knows me, knows that I have good intentions, but my follow-through is sadly lacking these days.  I have Christmas cards...still sitting in the box that they came in.  I have paper that I bought to print our Christmas letter...still wrapped in the package that it came in.  So here is the Predmore Christmas letter to all our family and friends.

     Dear Family and Friends,

     Did you know that six chickens produce an insane amount of chicken poop?  We sure didn't, but we have discovered that fact, along with many other chicken facts this year.  Delainey saved her Christmas and birthday money to buy a chicken coop.  We are now proud chicken farmers.  Bugger, Rosie, Fluffy, Einey, Meeny, and Miney provide hours of fun for us along with keeping us (and our friends) well supplied with eggs.  We miss Big Momma, but decided that we didn't want a rooster as part of our flock.  Delainey has become the chicken whisperer...they all seem to enjoy being held and petted by her!

     In spite of Delainey breaking her arm at church camp this summer, we were able to take some fun trips in 2016.  Delainey went to 4H camp for a weekend in June.  Nancy and Delainey went to Camp PYOCA in July for a mission camp.  As part of our camp experience, we went to several places to serve others while still enjoying camp activities.  Jim and Delainey went to Perryville, AR to Heifer Ranch in October.  They went as part of a youth trip and spent the week learning about sustainable farming, world hunger, and how we can be part of the solution.

     Jim, Nancy, Shane, Dylan, Delainey, and Princess spent a week in a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN.  It was a beautiful week full of creek hiking, hot weather, shopping, and a short trip on the Appalachian Trail.  We had to skip the white water rafting due to a little girl's cast, but it was still a wonderful week.  We are so happy that we were there this summer and we continue to pray for the area as they deal with the aftermath of the fires.  We have been there before and we will definitely be back!

     Jim is still working at Tractor Supply.  He works hard, but enjoys his free time.  He doesn't have nearly enough free time, but likes to spend it with his family.  Nancy just had her 24th anniversary at Wal-Mart.  She loves her new store and the team there.  The best part is that she is able to drive home for lunch!

     Shane and Dylan are still living in Indianapolis.  They are both working hard and we don't get to visit them nearly enough.  Delainey is loving 5th grade.  She did riding lessons again and has been swimming as well.  One of her highlights was swimming at the same pool where Lilly King swims. Jim's parents, Kenny and Sharon, moved in our home this month.  We are working on the bumps, but will all adjust to a three generation home.  

     We hope to get out and about more often in 2017.  We have one trip planned to Chicago in July with our youth group, but other than that, nothing is definite.  If you are in southern Indiana, please come visit.  Our house is crowded and loud, but we will always make room for friends and family.  We wish you all peace, love, and joy for the upcoming year.

     Love you all,

The Predmore family

     Next year I will have cards and letters sent out on time....Don't give up on me!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Making it work

     The last few months have been all about change at our house.  It  hasn't been easy, but I keep praying that it will become easier as time goes on.  We have had several huge changes and I think that we are all struggling to go with the flow.  I know that the changes are the right ones for our family, but change is never easy.  I am trying to keep believing that these are the changes that God has planned for us.

     My job change for the most part has been good.  I love being close to home, but finding the balance of home and work is rough.  I am so used to having three days off, that it has been hard to get my household chores done.  Laundry is a struggle as is cooking at home.  Delainey wants us to have some freezer meals handy so that we can use our crock pot more often.  I agree with her, but finding the time to make the meals is my current struggle!  I have more changes at work that are hard emotionally for me, but again, some how I have faith that it will work out the way God has it planned.

     Jim's new position is requiring him to be away from home more...and that's a huge struggle for all of us.  I know that he doesn't mind the drive, but we do!  We miss him being so far away.  We miss being able to stop in to see him while we are in town running errands.  But again, we have faith that this is how things are supposed to be right now.

     The biggest change happened last week.  Jim's parents have moved back in with our family.  They are at a time in their lives when they need more help than we were able to give from two hours away.  We have adjusted rooms, schedules, and everything else.  There will be bumps in the road, but family helps each other.  I spent time as a child in a three generation home, so it doesn't seem abnormal to me.  There are still things that we need to juggle...laundry time, meals, expenses, tv time, but I know that they will work out.  Again, faith!

     Delainey seems to be handling the changes pretty well.  She misses her dad in the mornings.  It was their time together.  They need to work out a special time for just the two of them.  She also misses quiet time in the afternoon with just she and I.  We have been blessed to have a friend who takes her to school in the mornings and picks her up in the afternoon.  Without that help, we wouldn't be able to function with our new schedules.  She has her ups and downs with it all, but she is resilient and I know that she will be okay.

     Change happens, whether I want it to or not.  I am getting better about accepting change in my life and going with it.  I have to keep faith that God has a plan for all that we are going through right now and that He will guide us through all the bumps.  We just keep on making it work the best that we can!