Monday, March 13, 2017

Finding joy

     It's no secret that this year hasn't started off great for my family.  And it's no secret that I have been whining about it for far to long.  I have been letting this crap (no other word seems to fit here) steal my joy.  And I haven't been sharing the joys that I do have in my life.  I decided yesterday, that I need to focus on the small joys that happen throughout the day.  Some days there might be more than one joyful moment and others, I might really need to search for the joy.  But for now, I just want to share a few of the small joys that have happened lately....

     Yesterday a friend from church gave me two prayer shawls for my in laws.  These shawls are made by several ladies at church and then our congregation sets aside time to lay hands on the shawls and pray over them.  They are very special.  I brought them home and my mother-in-law loved hers.  She has Alzheimer's, so some days she doesn't comprehend well.  I am not sure that she understood the prayers that are in that shawl, but something about it gave her comfort.  Seeing her smile was a joy.

     We have four chickens. It's a pain in the butt to feed them in the cold and wet. The coop stinks (seriously, have you smelled chickens).  But watching the birds come running when we serve them dried meal worms makes me laugh every time!  Those crazy birds will follow whoever is carrying the red bag of worms.  I never thoought that you could actually herd chickens, but we can at our house!

     Delainey wasn't been able to get to know my coworkers when I worked in Louisville because of the distance.  Since I am working close to home, she has been in and out of the store since before it was opened.  Tonight, my girl went with me while I had my eyes checked.  While there, she got hugs and chatted with several of my coworkers.  Seeing my shy girl being so willing to reach out to others (and have them reach right back out to her) makes me smile.  

     There are the little things that I don't think about, but really make my days much more joyful:  Mornings when Delainey and I don't fight about every single thing.  An unexpected email or text from a friend.  Coworkers who are supportive and just make me laugh.  A husband who works his fanny off, but still takes time to fix dinner when I have had enough.  Meeting our deductible, so now insurance will start paying more of the medical bills we are racking up.  A good night's sleep.  A cup of coffee in the morning.   A library book.  Quiet time early in the mornings.  Reading my devotional.  Using my essential oils. 

     I can't promise that I will stop whining about the bad things going on here in my life (honest, I haven't shared everything that has happened...), but I will be focusing much more on the joys that are present.  I will be looking for those moments throughout the day.  I will be attempting to be that joy to someone else.  I will be attempting to spread joy rather than the gloom and doom that I have been sharing this year.  Joy....find it in the midst of troubles.  I plan on it!! 

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