Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's a Twofer!!

     I have been whiny and complaining so much that I feel like that's all I do any more.  But, the last two days have been good days.  There has been minimal yelling and fighting, kindness has been shared, and there has even been laughter.  The only thing that hasn't been good is that Jim has been working some long hours the past few days!

     Jim's parents have been in good spirits for the last few days.  His mom has been more present in the here and now.  His dad has been feeling better about his legs...as a matter of fact, only one leg is currently wrapped.  He is going to be able to get measured for a sock for one leg, which means that the swelling is getting better.

     Delainey has been helpful and has worked around the house with me.  We have been laughing at "Creepy Elvis", who is currently hiding in our toothbrush drawer waiting to scare D when she brushes her teeth later tonight.  I will share more about Creepy Elvis some other time...including a picture so that you can judge the creep factor for yourself.  Tonight we are going to reward the good days by watching "Moana" and having a snack of popcorn.

     Work has been relatively calm.  I was behind, but in the last two days feel that I am mostly caught up.  I have learned to let go of work stress most of the time.  It's just a job. I am learning to go in, do my job-whatever it will be for the day-and enjoy my coworkers (well, most of them any way).

     I have been settling into a routine.  Mornings are peaceful, I refuse to let the day start ugly.  I am taking time to read my devotional daily.  My evenings haven't been at the bedtime that I want, but I am winding down nightly and trying to enjoy the quiet.  Jim and I have mostly been able to do our devotional together.  It's not easy with the hours he has put in lately, but we are trying.  Hopefully Jim's schedule will improve, but the next two weeks don't look promising right now.

     I don't know what tomorrow will be like, but I am going to enjoy today.  I am going to be grateful for two days that haven't been filled with drama or tears.  I am going to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see that there is always joy in the hard times.  I am going to try to remember these two days the next time the days are ugly!  I am going to remember that tomorrow is always a new day filled possibilities!

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